Postcards from the leading edge

Let's talk about what's going on here...

We use the blog to publish more expansive articles about key concepts of the healthica project — necessary, in part, because we are doing something very different here. There will also be a post here and there about the direction the site development is taking, or perhaps some other (non-random) topic. Feel free to send your comments to

Building brand awareness

Healthica Pro allows you to embed branding ads that link directly to your business.

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Effortless coordination

Let's “team up” and sell something using Healthica Pro.

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Tracking trends, not users

We only want to track how the site is used, not who's using it.

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Building tools for 98% of the users

Why non-power users matter, and how we design for the broader audience.

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The market analytics plan

What analytics are we going to provide, how users are not tracked, and other related points...

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Crowd-sourced OEM parts knowledge

How the parts engine works, why we made it this way, and why this should matter to you (a lot)...

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Who wants to waste less time?

If you're at all aware of the current state of the “dominant” players in this market, surely you hanker for something resembling anything we can actually use...

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