Who wants to waste less time?

The best way to efficiently filter information is to channel it.

The critical difference of the healthica marketplace is the ability to prescreen information, so that you receive new items that are already tagged to be in your areas of interest. Allow us to explain.

We define a channel with three components: the manufacturer, the modality, and the area of interest. The first two are pretty straightforward — think Siemens Medical Systems (manufacturer), and MRI (modality). The last part is just a bit more complex.

Your channels are matched to your interests. If you want to buy, you need to see listings. If you want to sell, you need to see requests. (Maybe both?) But we support four types in each category: equipment sales, parts sales, service sales, and other for a total of eight options. This is a channel.

This isn't really complicated, and you only have to set it up once, so stay with us here. You don't have to use channels, but as we are about to show you, they make things better.

Once you set up a channel, here's what happens. Let's say you “subscribed to the Siemens Medical Systems:MRI channel with the options show buyers for parts and show sellers for parts, and the preference for email:

* Let's deal with this login action. The only reason we do that is so we can record for analysis purposes that someone (remember we don't track users) was interested in fulfilling the request. We track this without either user ID, and, actually, we are out of the loop from this point on.
What's the upside here?

Glad you asked. The upsides (there are several) are as follows:

You can adjust your channels at any time. Turn on SMS notification (recommended). Turn everything off because you are on vacation. You can even see things outside of your channels, but that's a topic for the marketplace help, once you register.
“Set it and forget it”

Generally, setting your channels is a one-time event, and once you are done, the marketplace traffic will flow to your email and/or SMS automatically. Sellers receive pre-filtered leads from active buyers, and active buyers receive pre-filtered notices of new items available for sale. It's all automatic and we spend much less time searching for things that come to us automatically.

Clark Wilkins, Simplexable 2022.05.11