Step 1: create an account

It's simple. First, create a free account including email and optionally a mobile phone number. There's no fee.

Step 2: create your interests

Think of this like “channels” with three parameters: the manufacturer1, the modality1, and the interest type2. If you sell General Electric CT parts, record your interest in General Electric Healthcare:CT:parts requests. Add as many interests as you need along with your preferences for how we notify you3.

Step 3: go on about your day

When someone posts a request or listing that matches one of your interests, you get an alert immediately. There's no need to be logged in — the request or listing comes to you.

This is an actual SMS alert for a parts request.

Hello. This is a notification of a new request that matches your interests.

Manufacturer: Siemens Medical Systems
Modality: MRI
Request type: looking for parts
Part number/model: 8635554
Request details: Head Array Coil

You can access this request and communicate with the interested party by logging into your account on

The request will appear in "run a search". From there, you can start a discussion and make an offer.

You decide if you have the item and are interested in trying to sell it. We don't believe in making our users come to the site, only to find out the item in question isn't something they have available.

Step 4: enter into a discussion

Let's say you have a 8635554 for sale (see step 3 example). Now, you login and create a sales discussion with the buyer.

The buyer and seller can post comments, upload files4, make offers and counter-offers — all completely private.

Step 5: come to an agreement

Hopefully, both parties come to a final price. The buyer “accepts” the price and the discussion is locked. You're all done here and can contact each other offline to finish your business.

What's the cost for this?

Per our terms of use, the seller is billed 1% of the final sales price in the discussion. Buyers are not charged any fees.

How do you verify this?

In general, we work on the “honor” system. The value of healthica lies in the ease of use, limited need to get on the site, and complete confidentiality. We're pretty comfortable saying it's worth such a small fee ($10.00 on a $1000.00 sale). That said, we will, at our discretion, check with buyers to see if the deal closed, and take action on sellers who violate the terms of use.

How do we get in contact with each other?

You disclose contact information within the sales discussion at your own discretion. healthica does not and will not publish contact information.

Do you monitor sales discussions?

In general, no. We don't manage or monitor your sales discussions apart from troubleshooting a technical problem5. This is intended to be a global marketplace, and we are strictly a data/utility provider.

What's the policy for “retiring” listings and requests

Parts requests are archived after 14 days without an update from the owner6. All other items will be retired if they have not been renewed/updated in the last 30 days.

Retired items are not shown in search results, but are kept for use in anonymous statistics7.

  1. The manufacturer and modality lists are always expandable. If you don't see what you are looking for, you just type it in and select “create”. From the moment your posting is stored, the new channels become open to all users. There is no need to ask us to set it up.
  2. We reserve the right to assign request and listing types, but you can always contact us if you think we missed one that's useful.
  3. For time-sensitive area like parts, we recommend using our free SMS alerts. You can always use email as well.
  4. You can upload almost anything subject only to an 8MB single file size limit. We allow unlimited uploads and maintain them for the life of the discussion. These files are only visible to users in the buyer or seller's group.
  5. We are, however, also participants in healthica on behalf of our parts business. We are registered as and have interests in Siemens parts and equipment.
  6. By “owner”, we mean any member of the listing/request creator's group.
  7. For example, we plan to publish reports on sales velocity (recent requests, etc.) for certain types of parts. No personal information is ever disclosed.