And then there was 1.0
2020.09.13, Clark Wilkins | simplexable founder

A software project is never “done”, and this is no exception, but we can, as of last night, draw a line and say “this is healthica1.0”. It's good — very good — but it's not done.

What's working

We have a system in place that makes it incredibly simple to have actionable sales intelligence flow automatically and directly to you. In our testing, we're seeing push alerts appear in user mailboxes in just a few seconds after someone posts an item of interest. Here's an actual SMS alert triggered by a user posting a parts request.

Hello. This is a notification of a new request that matches your interests.

Manufacturer: Siemens Medical Systems
Modality: MRI
Request type: looking for parts
Part number/model: 8635554
Request details: Head Array Coil

You can access this request and communicate with the interested party by logging into your account on

The request will appear in "run a search". From there, you can start a discussion and make an offer.

We spliced in sales items last week, and expanded your interests such that, if you subscribe to alerts for Siemens Medical Systems:CT: parts, you will get alerts not only when someone is looking for a Siemens CT part, but also when someone is listing one for sale.

We added the capability to renew expired requests and listings up to 60 days after the last update, so, in case you overlooked something, and it's expired, you still have time to restore it.

We added even more of the on-page help that's been very popular with our beta testers.

help example
on-page help for making a request

And, to tie it all together, we made the first link in the app menu become using healthica — a quick and easy guide with everything you need to know in a 2-3 minute read, but always at your fingertips.

Behind the scenes

The foundation for healthica is strong and robust modern frameworks like React and Node, with Amazon DynamoDB for storage. These may not be names you recognize, but they provide the backend for some of the most powerful sites in the world — Facebook, for example. Even so, we've been really careful to try to avoid “bleeding-edge” technologies, but hopefully, you're using Internet Explorer 8 or higher (Chrome or Safari is much better).

We went with scalable systems, because we want to replace the dominant platform and bring this technology to a lot of users. healthica is designed to grow, and that's the concept I want to discuss in closing.

The “value proposition”

Why would you want to bother with “another” platform? The reason is this: you can setup your account and areas of interest in a single visit of 3-4 minutes. From that point on, you don't have do anything. If something is posted that matches your interests, we will let you know. You can evaluate the lead, determine if it's relevant, and, only then, come back to visit us. Your initial investment required is very low.

The “magic” begins as we start seeing more users and more postings. The design of healthica has always been to supply a marketplace for almost anything medical-related. As more people join, the breadth of categories is going to expand, as well as the number of opportunities, but your view is always filtered to only show what you are interested in. You won't see “similar item” searches that split up your own query word-by-word, and show anything even remotely related. You are only going to see what's relevant to your own business interests, and the more people who join, the more business will be coming your way. That's the vision. Please spread the word, and help us make this happen as fast as possible.

Thank you.

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