Version 1.0 arrives
2020.08.22, Clark Wilkins | simplexable founder

Wow, this site is finally “live” after many months of work. We've actually been running/testing the interface for over a month now, and we think you're really going to like it.

The core concept is making this simple and fast

Every effort has been made to ensure you spend the minimum amount of time here. That would be a disadvantage in some environments, but, with healthica, we set out to rewrite the rules for an online marketplace.

First, we don't require any uploading or maintenance of data other than a periodic renewal of your requests or listings. The reason we expire items in 14 days (parts) or 30 days (everything else) is that everyone hates wasting time on something that's already gone.

The most important distinguishing feature of healthica is the idea of “interests”. You register the areas that are important to you (for me personally, one is users looking for Siemens MRI parts). Once you have registered your preferences, you can go back to your regular work, because any time something new is posted in one of your interests, we notify you immediately — no login and search required.

If you get a notification that's congruent with what you have to offer, you can open a discussion with the buyer/seller and make a deal. It's just simple. No need to come here to find out the request or listing is of no use to you.

Infinitely expandable

Healthica is intended to serve every sector of the healthcare industry. You can sell PPE or pulse oximeters, imaging equipment or IV stands — it does not matter. If we don't have your vendor or modality on our lists, you can add it yourself — instantly and without a tedious request/approval process.

Always under construction

There are a few more things yet to come before we declare this “version 1.0”, and even then, we will constantly improve the site per the conversations we have with you about your needs. Marketplaces work better when they adapt to the way business is done, and that's why we are committed to designing tools that make your experience better. Please join in our goal to make this marketplace something that benefits us all, and ask your colleagues to sign up as well. Thank you!

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